About Rob Maille Acton

5Broadly experienced in enterprise technology and product design, Rob Maille of Acton, Massachusetts, leads the creative team at Makibie. Based in Nashua, New Hampshire, Makibie features an Idea Lab where they work with customers to create products that disrupt markets. Also responsible for the company’s newest office in Paris, France, Rob Maille of Acton shares the insights of his success in his published book, How to Grow an !dea. He anticipates the release of his second book, Transforming Your Idea Into Products That Kick Ass, in January of 2014.

Acton’s Rob Maille began his career in the United States Marine Corps, where he managed large data systems and design custom applications to increase operations team output by 200 percent. He went on to serve as a consultant for several years, improving efficiency for a number of industry-leading companies. He then went on to create research and development centers for Reed Elsevier, and subsequently led corporate intranet strategy development for Pioneer Investments. Effective in encouraging 90 percent adoption of the Pioneer Investments intranet from 20 percent, Mr. Maille later achieved similar success in redesigning a variety of human resources and user-facing products for Fidelity Investments. He left Fidelity in 2005 to found his current company, which has since grown to include 10 Fortune 500 clients and such start-ups as Socrademy, TurnRight and DataGravity.


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