Girls Incorporated, STEM Mentors

Founder and CEO of Makibie, Rob Maille has successfully established three distinct companies over the course of his career. Makibie, located in Nashu New Hampshire, is a product strategy company that has grown to include 10 Fortune 500 clients. Outside of his professional life, Rob Maille contributes to a number of charitable organizations, including Girls Incorporated, where as a board member he advises the organization on marketing.

Girls Incorporated is a non-profit organization that offers programs encouraging young girls to overcome gender barriers. Established in New England during the Industrial Revolution to help young women entering the workforce, today Girls, Inc., provides academic programs focused on math and science, adolescent health, and violence prevention, among others.

In January of 2014, Girls, Inc., became a part of the Million Women Mentors initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to promote one million mentors working in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to build young women’s confidence in those academic areas. With the rapid growth in STEM jobs, Girls, Inc., recognizes the importance of raising up women and men working in these fields as role models to young women.

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