Tips for Marketing a New Product

Currently based in Acton, Maine, entrepreneur Rob Maille is the founder of Makibie, a product strategy company. Under his leadership, Makibie focuses on conflating agile development, product design, and product strategy into a unified service. Through his company, Rob Maille serves numerous start-up companies and Fortune 500 clients.

The processing of marketing a new product should begin long before the prototype rolls off the assembly line. Product designers should try to build in motivation for owning the product right alongside conceptualization of the product itself. Consider the Snuggie, a blanket that consumers can slip into like a robe. Consumers purchase the Snuggie in droves because it serves a purpose. It doubles as both a robe and a blanket, giving consumers a handy two-for-one product.

When the time comes to generate marketing materials, focus on using the perfect descriptors to sell the product to the correct demographic. For example, the name “Snuggie” works because it sounds similar to the word “snuggle,” which evokes feelings of warmth and contentment.

Perhaps the most critical element of a marketing campaign is one that too many companies overlook: proof. When the product is ready for testing, send it out to bloggers and reviewers so they can show their audience how well the product works. Firsthand accounts of the product’s usefulness generated by unbiased sources go a long way in building the product’s reputation.

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